Star Trek Embroidered Patches: Insignia & More

Adding an embroidered patch to a bag, jacket, hat, or other piece of clothing is a great way to add pop culture attitude to a beloved garment. These fun patches are all inspired by elements of Star Trek, from Starfleet to the United Federation of Planets and more. 

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Embroidered Patch

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This is a 3.5" round embroidered patch with a hook (Velcro) backing, ready to mount or be sewn into place. The patch features three Starfleet insignia against a starry sky background. Text around the outside reads "U.S.S. Enterprise" and "To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before" in all capital letters. The black and blue patch is bordered by a red line.

Vulcan Salute Hand Embroidered Patch

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This is an iron-on or sew-on patch in the shape of a hand in the Vulcan Salute position. The salute is often accompanied by the blessing "Live Long and Prosper". This patch is about 2.5" tall.

Star Trek Enterprise Spaceship Embroidered Patch

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This Star Trek fan patch has a fun shape made up in part by the silhouette of the Starship Enterprise. Text around the outside of the patch, flanked by white stars, reads ENTERPRISE. This patch has a heat-seal backing so it can be ironed on or sewn.

United Federation of Planets Rectangle Patch

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This white patch has a blue outline and uses blue thread in the embroidered logo and text that reads UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS. The patch measures about 2.75" by 4". 

Starfleet Command Logo Embroidered Patch

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This round embroidered patch includes the Starfleet insignia in the center against a blue starry sky background. The round patch has text around the perimeter that reads "Starfleet Command" and "United Federation of Planets" in all capital letters.

Star Trek Starship Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock

Starry Night Star Trek Van Gogh Mashup T-Shirt

Edible Dilithium Crystals! What!?!?

Star Trek Vulcan Salute Blessing Candle

Three Awesome Collectible Star Trek Cookie Jars

Share sweet treats in a Star Trek fashion with these fun themed cookie jars. The ceramic jars can be used for other storage needs as well and would look great in the kitchen, TV room, den, or other place where you want to display your love for Trek!

Lieutanant Worf Ceramic Cookie Jar

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This cool bust of Lieutenant Worf in his Starfleet uniform with his customary baldric sash. Remove Worf's entire head to reveal the cookie stash below.

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Logo Cookie Jar

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Store your cookies inside a giant combadge! The Starfleet logo shape is gold and stands on a black base. Open the pointed top to get to the treats within.

Star Trek Dr. McCoy Bust Ceramic Cookie Jar

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Like the Worf cookie jar featured above, this jar in the likeness of Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy is a bust figure of the character in uniform. 

Star Trek Uniform Capes for Office Chairs

Add some awesome Trek decor in your office or home with these fun Star Trek Original Series chair capes! The vibrantly colored capes hang on the back of office chairs or other kinds of chairs. They attach via an adjustable hook and loop belt and strap mechanism.

TOS Era Green Uniform Chair Cape

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Evoke the spirit of The Original Series with this green Star Trek chair cape.

Engineering Red Star Trek Office Chair Cape

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In the original series, Red Shirts had notoriously bad luck, especially on away missions. Put this one on your chair at your peril.

Science & Medical Blue Star Trek Chair Cape

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On a science track at the Academy? Then you'll need this awesome Starfleet insignia blue cape for your chair.

Collectible Star Trek Hot Wheels Starships

If you're a fan of collectible Hot Wheels vehicles and Star Trek, you'll love these small metal starships and other Star Trek vehicles put out by the famous toy car manufacturer. Check out these iconic Starfleet ships that have gotten the Hot Wheels treatment.

1 Hot Wheels NCC-1701 TOS Starship

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This collectible Star Trek ship from Hot Wheels depicts the Enterprise from the Original Series. This was released as part of a Screen Time series of Hot Wheels vehicles. The Enterprise comes with a display stand.

2 Hot Wheels U.S.S. Vengeance Star Trek Ship

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The Section 31 ship gets its own Hot Wheels version with this collectible piece, from Hot Wheels back in 2014. The ship comes with a display stand.

3 San Diego Comic-Con Hot Wheels Enterprise in Space Dock

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This exclusive collectible Hot Wheels ship was released at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2009. The piece features the U.S.S. Enterprise in Space Dock.

4 Star Trek USS Enterprise | Imagination Series

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This Star Trek Hot Wheels ship features the U.S.S. Enterprise-1701. This collectible vehicle was part of the Hot Wheels Imagination series and was released in 2013.

5 Star Trek 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels Enterprise

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This starship from the Retro Series was released in 2016 to coincide with Star Trek's 50th anniversary.

6 Hot Wheels Damaged Klingon Bird of Prey Model

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Set up a battle scene on your bookshelf when you get a Hot Wheels Klingon Bird of Prey to display next to your Hot Wheels Enterprise.