Periodic Table of Star Trek T-Shirt

Star Trek Enterprise Metal Bottle Opener

Funny Star Trek Valentine's Day T-Shirts

Get ready for Valentine's Day on February 14 with these awesome and funny holiday t-shirts made for Trekkers and Trekkies. Wear these officially licensed Star Trek designs for Valentine's Day or any time you want to spread romantic vibes while still getting your geek on. The designs span different Star Trek series so you're sure find the perfect fan shirt for you or your sweetie.

Tuvok Says Love Is Illogical Long Sleeve Tee

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An image of Lieutenant Commander Tuvok appears in shades of pink along with the caption LOVE IS ILLOGICAL. Spoken like a true Vulcan. Shown here on a dark heather grey long sleeve unisex top.

TOS Era You're The Only One For Me Shirt

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This bold all-white text and graphic design pops on a black shirt as shown. Also available in red (not recommended) and other colors. TOS era text reads "You're the Only One in the Galaxy For Me" in all capital letters. The text is highlighted by a simple image of the NCC-1701 Enterprise.

Funny Star Trek You Stun Me Fan T-Shirt

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Phasers set to stun! Big text reads simply "YOU STUN ME" along with an illustrated phaser. The dynamic design is cute to wear when you spend Valentine's Day or any day with your sweetie. Shown here on a navy blue unisex shirt; available in other colors and cuts.

Cute Star Trek Sweethearts Candy T-Shirt

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Colorful Sweethearts style candies are arranged with their Star Trek messages and symbols. The pastel colored hearts are accompanied by Starfleet insignia shapes. Phrases include "Beam Me Up Scotty!" "Make It So" and "Live Long & Prosper".  

Resistance is Futile Valentine's Day T-Shirt

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Locutus of Borg shows up in a heart -- Resistance is Futile! This funny t-shirt design has Captain Picard's Borg designation illustrated in shades of red and inside a heart shape. The ominous message turns romantic. Wear this on Valentine's Day to romance or frighten your sweetie -- it's a fine line.

Funny Captain Picard Facepalm TNG Crew Socks

Star Trek License Plate Frames

Carry your love of Star Trek with you as you drive around! These license plate frames are all designed to fit on standard U.S. plates and can protect your plates while displaying some of your own personality and preferences. License plate frames are a great way to display fandom without adding a sticker or decal to your vehicle. 

These custom frames all include pre-drilled holes meant to line up with your car's mounting for easy installation. Be sure to check your state's laws regarding license plate frames before purchase. The frame should not cover your registration date sticker.

Starfleet Academy Black Metal License Plate Frame

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This fun license plate frame is made of black metal steel and has bold blue text. The sentiment reads ALUMNI STARFLEET ACADEMY and a pair of red Starfleet insignia flank the top of the frame. This is a fun gift idea for fans of Trek. 

Funny Star Trek Illogical Chrome Metal License Plate Frame

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This is a chrome plated steel metal frame made for fans of Star Trek and of deadpan Vulcan wisdom and humor. Black text reads I FIND YOUR DRIVING HIGHLY ILLOGICAL. Two simple Starfleet insignia images flank the bottom of the frame.

Boldly Going Star Trek Fan License Plate Frame

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This black frame is made of durable plastic. The frame includes white text that reads BOLDLY GOING WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE. This is a fun plate frame to add to your off-road vehicle. 

Live Long and Prosper Star Trek License Plate Frame

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Place this Vulcan blessing plate frame on your car to share the logical wisdom. The white text on the black frame includes a simple image of the Starfleet insignia and a hand in the Vulcan Salute position. This is a durable all-weather rust-proof plastic frame.

Funny My Other Ride is the Enterprise License Plate Frame

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If you'd rather be in space, this funny license plate frame is for you. Bold text using capital letters reads "My Other Ride is the U.S.S. Enterprise". The white text is flanked by a pair of Starfleet insignia on the bottom of the frame. This is a black aluminum all-weather frame.

Star Trek Embroidered Patches: Insignia & More

Adding an embroidered patch to a bag, jacket, hat, or other piece of clothing is a great way to add pop culture attitude to a beloved garment. These fun patches are all inspired by elements of Star Trek, from Starfleet to the United Federation of Planets and more. 

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Embroidered Patch

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This is a 3.5" round embroidered patch with a hook (Velcro) backing, ready to mount or be sewn into place. The patch features three Starfleet insignia against a starry sky background. Text around the outside reads "U.S.S. Enterprise" and "To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before" in all capital letters. The black and blue patch is bordered by a red line.

Vulcan Salute Hand Embroidered Patch

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This is an iron-on or sew-on patch in the shape of a hand in the Vulcan Salute position. The salute is often accompanied by the blessing "Live Long and Prosper". This patch is about 2.5" tall.

Star Trek Enterprise Spaceship Embroidered Patch

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This Star Trek fan patch has a fun shape made up in part by the silhouette of the Starship Enterprise. Text around the outside of the patch, flanked by white stars, reads ENTERPRISE. This patch has a heat-seal backing so it can be ironed on or sewn.

United Federation of Planets Rectangle Patch

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This white patch has a blue outline and uses blue thread in the embroidered logo and text that reads UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS. The patch measures about 2.75" by 4". 

Starfleet Command Logo Embroidered Patch

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This round embroidered patch includes the Starfleet insignia in the center against a blue starry sky background. The round patch has text around the perimeter that reads "Starfleet Command" and "United Federation of Planets" in all capital letters.

Star Trek Fan T-Shirt Surprise Subscription Box

Star Trek Starship Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock

Iconic Star Trek TOS Characters as Hot Wheels Part 2

Here is some more Star Trek Hot Wheels fun, following our post from last week. Toy maker Hot Wheels is known for making fun toy die-cast cars and other vehicles. They also make fun mashups that combine iconic characters with famous vehicles. Officers from the U.S.S. Enterprise-1701 get the Hot Wheels treatment in this Star Trek 50th anniversary set issued in 2016! Check them out below.

Captain Kirk on a Quick D-Livery Hot Wheels

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This Hot Wheels collectible features Captain Kirk from Star Trek on the side of a Quick D-Livery commercial vehicle.

Mr. Spock Hot Wheels Car: Deco Delivery

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The Vulcan Mr. Spock get the Hot Wheels treatment with his face on a Deco Delivery commercial vehicle.

Lt. Uhura on a Ford Transit Super Van Hot Wheels

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This collectible Star Trek Hot Wheels vehicle features Lt. Uhura on the side of a yellow Ford Transit Supervan.

Lt. Sulu on a Blue '70 Chevelle SS Wagon

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This collectible Hot Wheels die-case model vehicle features Sulu on the side of a blue Chevelle SS Wagon.

Montgomery "Scotty" Scott on a Baja Breaker

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Engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott is depicted on the side of a yellow Baja Breaker 4x4 van.

Fun Star Trek Drink Can Koozies

Can coolers, aka koozies, keep your can of soda or beer cool. These novelty can coolers are inspired by original Star Trek character uniforms. Although they just depict the torso of the characters, they are pretty recognizable, don't you think?

Captain Kirk Can Cooler

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Captain Kirk wears his yellow command uniform top and holds a phaser. He'll work hard to keep your beverage cold while putting a smile on your face. 

Mr. Spock Can Cooler

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This fun koozie is inspired by everyone's first favorite Vulcan: Mr. Spock. The character wears his blue uniform, holds a tricorder, and uses his other hand to give the Vulcan salute.