It's Not Too Late! Last Minute Prime Day Star Trek Deals

Prime Day is almost over, but it's not too late to find great deals for Star Trek fans. Take advantage of these limited deals while they last. 

As a reminder, Amazon Prime Day ends at 11:59PM on June 22 -- you'll have to act fast to get these great deals. Prime Day deals can end early if they sell out. That means the price could revert before Prime Day actually ends. 

Huge Set of 70 Star Trek Stickers

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Add some Trek to your laptop, water bottle, car bumper, helmet, warp drive, tricorder or phaser with this awesome mixed set of sticker decals. This one comes with Prime Day savings of 20% off.

U.S.S. Enterprise Brick Building Kit

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This popular ship building kit uses LEGO compatible bricks. This is a fun build that fills the gap between LEGO and Star Trek. This 199 piece set is about 34% off for Prime Day.

Set of 30 Edible Star Trek TOS Cupcake Toppers

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Get ready for an upcoming Star Trek party with these edible printed cupcake toppers featuring characters and designs inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series. Save 20% off the regular price when you pick these up before Prime Day is over.

Starship Enterprise Wooden Puzzle Model

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This is an old-fashioned wooden model of the Enterprise as it appeared in Next Generation. The wooden model includes 50 unpainted pieces; you can put the puzzle together and paint the pieces (paint not included). This is a fun creative gift idea for Trek fans and a great deal at 20% off for Prime Day.

Vulcan Salute LLAP Sew or Iron On Patch

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Add the awesome Vulcan mantra Live Long and Prosper to a jacket, backpack, hat, or other suitable object with this simple hand gesture patch. The applique patch can be attached by sewing or ironing. Save 20% off the regular price with this Prime Day Star Trek purchase.

LEGO-Compatible Star Trek Builds

While the official LEGO brand does not currently produce any Star Trek builds, there are compatible brick-building sets that have kits that are perfect for Star Trek fans. Note that these compatible systems generally use an inferior production process to genuine LEGO bricks, which may result in looser fitting clicks. However, these fun builds are generally highly rated and if you're building these for display rather than play, brick quality shouldn't be an issue. Here are some Star Trek LEGO-style builds.

LEGO Compatible U.S.S. Enterprise Building Kit

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This cute little build is a 199-piece set to put together the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 model. The finished LEGO-style starship is about 4.4" tall when placed on its included display base and about 4.4" wide by about 10" long. 

Mr. Spock BrickHeadz Style Figure by Mega Construx

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This LEGO compatible build is a fun figure of Mr. Spock in the style of BrickHeadz models. The blocky design has a unique style; the head and arms are articulated for fun in display. This kit includes 133 pieces.

Worf BrickHeadz Style Figure by Mega Construx

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This fun build is a stylized figure of Worf with a design similar to the BrickHeadz line from LEGO. Worf wears his iconic baldric (sash) and holds a bat'leth. This is a 157-piece set.

Collectible U.S.S. Enterprise Building Block Kit with Minifigures

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This is an awesome build of Star Trek's iconic starship that includes minifigures that can fit inside the saucer section! This is a 432 piece Star Trek brick build with minifigures of Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and two blue-shirt crew members. This build also includes lights for extra authenticity.

Star Trek LGBTQ+ Pride Rainbow Swag

Show your pride and Star Trek fandom with these Trek shirts and socks that blend images from the sci-fi series with a pride rainbow motif.

Star Trek Deep Space 9 Symbols in Rainbow Colors T-Shirt

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Symbols that represent some of the pivotal alien species featured on DS9 are shown stacked in rainbow colors. This is a fun design that evokes unity despite differences. The emblems are as follows: Klingon Empire in red; the Cardassian emblem in orange; Starfleet in yellow; Ferengi in green; Trill in blue; and Bajoran in purple.

Star Trek Discovery Starfleet Emblem in Rainbow Watercolors T-Shirt

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The Starfleet insignia is colored in with bright vibrant rainbow colors in a casual watercolor style. Get this bold print on black as shown or purchase on other dark colored apparel where the rainbow colors really pop.

Classic Star Trek Logo with Rainbow Enterprise T-Shirt

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A rainbow of colors trails behind a classic Starship Enterprise. STAR TREK is written above in the style of the Original Series. The entire design is distressed for a vintage look. 

Awesome Live Long & Prosper Star Trek Discovery Pride Socks

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This is a fun set of socks inspired by Star Trek Discovery. The ship is depicted in rainbow colors along with the familiar Vulcan blessing: Live Long and Prosper. The dark blue crew socks are accentuated by a purple cuff, yellow heel, and orange toes. 

Star Trek LCARS Style Portable Device Charger

Set of 3 Star Trek TNG Women's Underwear

Star Trek Novelty License Plates

These fun collectible license plates are all made for Star Trek fans. The novelty plates can be used on the front of your vehicle if you live in a state that does not require official tags in the front. These can also be used as wall decor for your home or office, or used as decoration elsewhere. These plates all have pre-drilled holes that will line up with your vehicle mounting. 

United Federation of Planets Star Trek License Plate

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This is a black aluminum novelty license plate with a vibrant sublimated print. The design is the logo of the United Federation of Planets along with bold white text below.

NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise Stamped Metal License Plate

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This fun collectible looks like a real license plate, with machine stamped text that reads NCC-1701. Above, smaller text on the grey metal license plate reads U.S.S. Enterprise in all capital letters. This is a sturdy, all-weather aluminum plate.

Starfleet Insignia Black Aluminum License Plate

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This collectible novelty license plate is made of black aluminum. A simple white version of the Starfleet insignia is featured in the middle. This is great for fans of Trek who want a simple way to show their fandom.

Funny Easy Vulcan Star Trek Costume Glasses

Star Trek Crafting Instruction Book