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Christmas Gift Idea: Star Trek Socks

Socks are a traditional Christmas gift idea, and adding a bit of novelty fandom to your gift routine this year will be a welcome change for the Trek fan on your list. Here are some fun Star Trek themed socks to add to your shopping list.

Star Trek Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books children's books have been in home libraries since they were first published in the 1940s. These educational books are mostly aimed at children who are just learning to read and were first designed to be affordable and accessible. Themes range from science to nursery rhymes...

Faith of the Heart Enterprise Fan Novelty Mug

Do you love the Enterprise theme song the best? The catchy tune with lyrics (!) certainly stands out among all of the Star Trek series theme songs. If you love singing along to this inspiring song, get yourself some swag featuring the title slogan: Faith of the...

Star Trek Fan T-Shirt Surprise Subscription Box

This is a great gift idea for fans of Star Trek. It's a surprise t-shirt a month club subscription! This t-shirt box subscription brings a new and exclusive Star Trek fan t-shirt to the recipients mailbox once per month. The mystery designs are made for the biggest Trekkies....

Super Fun Interview With Subspace Rhapsody Songwriters

Earlier this month The Melodology Podcast, hosted by Arthur Breur, interviewed the songwriters behind the brilliant Strange New Worlds musical episode Subspace Rhapsody. If you enjoyed this episode as much as we did, you'll love this lively, engaging, and extremely interesting interview with Kay Hanley and Tom Polce.

Jean-Luc Picard's Make It Soap Bar of Soap!

Whether you give this as a gag gift or a (not-so-) subtle hint, this funny novelty bar of soap will make everyone laugh. This is an actual bar of soap wrapped in novelty paper featuring the product name "Make It Soap", a play on Picard's iconic phrase "Make...

Star Trek Old School Tricorder Pillow

This fun piece of home decor will add some Trek fun to any room. Place this novelty throw pillow on your couch, chair, bed, or anywhere else that could use some plush Star Trek fun. This pillow shaped like an old school tricorder from Star Trek measures about 16.5"...

Fun Chateau Picard Wine Accessories for Star Trek Oenophiles

Chateau Picard refers the family farm of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The estate was also a vineyard, producing wine in La Barre, France. Here in the real world, fans of both wine and Star Trek can pick up gear inspired by the vineyard and winery to add to their wine connoisseur collection or display case.