Happy Easter, Trekkies! Funny Holiday Poems

Happy Easter, Star Trek fans! The annual holiday will take place this coming Sunday, April 9, 2023. Here are a couple of poems to celebrate the day.

On a Starship one Easter morn bright,
Captain Kirk found an egg of pure light.
Spock exclaimed, "It's quite logical,
Our Easter is astronomical!
This galaxy egg is out of sight!"


In the Lower Decks, there was much to inspect,
When an Easter egg hunt they didn't expect.
In corners and conduits, eggs hidden away,
Even in the captain's chair, to Boimler's dismay!

"Eggs on the bridge, this is quite absurd!"
Cried Mariner, chasing a Tribble that purred.
With chocolate smudges on their Starfleet red,
A zanier Easter, Star Trek never had.

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