Awesome Star Trek Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Get ready for ugly sweater season with your very own Star Trek ugly Christmas top! These funny sweaters, sweatshirts, and long sleeve tops are great for spreading geeky Star Trek fun throughout the holiday season. Find your favorite below.

All-Over Print Trek the Halls Christmas Sweater

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This knitted sweater features an all-over pattern design with a redshirt uniform look. A repeating pattern of rows with Star Trek images and icons is the backdrop for this awesome sweater that looks like a command uniform top from afar.

Trek the Halls Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

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This graphic design is done in red and white and is printed in a sweater stitch style. Rows of printed images and text evoke that sweater feel, starting with phasers and featuring simple images of TOS characters and text that reads TREK THE HALLS.

Original Series Star Trek Ugly Christmas Sweater

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"Trek the Halls" is a familiar theme in these fun Star Trek-themed ugly Christmas tops. This is a comfortable 100% acrylic knit sweater in red with black and green. TREK THE HALLS is written in bold text across the top and a depiction of the U.S.S. Enterprise from above is the main image at the center of the top. Phasers and Starfleet icons are also featured across the all-over print repeating pattern.

Make It Snow Star Trek Captain Picard Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

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A photo image of Captain Picard from his Next Generation days is printed in ugly sweater style on this graphic holiday sweatshirt. Snowflakes and text that reads MAKE IT SNOW accompany the image to make this a hilarious choice for Trekkies to wear around the holidays.

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Set of 3 Star Trek TNG Women's Underwear

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Star Trek Embroidered Patches: Insignia & More

Adding an embroidered patch to a bag, jacket, hat, or other piece of clothing is a great way to add pop culture attitude to a beloved garment. These fun patches are all inspired by elements of Star Trek, from Starfleet to the United Federation of Planets and more. 

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