Star Trek Books for Kids

Star Trek Alphabet Book | Litte Golden Book

This fourth book in the Star Trek Little Golden Book series introduces characters, ships, and concepts from Star Trek series beyond the original Kirk crew. The new book, published in July 2020, features beautiful retro style artwork to tell simple stories highlighting the letters of the alphabet.

Too Many Tribbles! Little Golden Book

Tribbles invade the U.S.S. Enterprise in this third entry in the Star Trek Little Golden Book series. Like the other titles in the sequence, this highly rated 24-page book aimed at young readers uses a colorful, retro art style to tell the sci-fi influenced story.

I Am Mr. Spock Little Golden Book

This second book in the Star Trek Little Golden Book series features Vulcan Spock having his own action-packed adventure. This 24-page book for budding readers gets rave reviews from buyers.

I Am Captain Kirk Little Golden Book

This first Star Trek Little Golden Book was published in early 2019. This book for kids aged 2-5 years features the famous Starfleet captain and his crew in an action-packed adventure using retro-style illustration and imaginative storytelling.