Three Awesome Collectible Star Trek Cookie Jars

Share sweet treats in a Star Trek fashion with these fun themed cookie jars. The ceramic jars can be used for other storage needs as well and would look great in the kitchen, TV room, den, or other place where you want to display your love for Trek!

Lieutanant Worf Ceramic Cookie Jar

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This cool bust of Lieutenant Worf in his Starfleet uniform with his customary baldric sash. Remove Worf's entire head to reveal the cookie stash below.

Star Trek 50th Anniversary Logo Cookie Jar

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Store your cookies inside a giant combadge! The Starfleet logo shape is gold and stands on a black base. Open the pointed top to get to the treats within.

Star Trek Dr. McCoy Bust Ceramic Cookie Jar

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Like the Worf cookie jar featured above, this jar in the likeness of Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy is a bust figure of the character in uniform. 

Edible Dilithium Crystals! What!?!?

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Faith of the Heart Enterprise Fan Novelty Mug

Do you love the Enterprise theme song the best? The catchy tune with lyrics (!) certainly stands out among all of the Star Trek series theme songs. If you love singing along to this inspiring song, get yourself some swag featuring the title slogan: Faith of the...