Star Trek Novelty License Plates

These fun collectible license plates are all made for Star Trek fans. The novelty plates can be used on the front of your vehicle if you live in a state that does not require official tags in the front. These can also be used as wall decor for your home or office, or used as decoration elsewhere. These plates all have pre-drilled holes that will line up with your vehicle mounting. 

United Federation of Planets Star Trek License Plate

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This is a black aluminum novelty license plate with a vibrant sublimated print. The design is the logo of the United Federation of Planets along with bold white text below.

NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise Stamped Metal License Plate

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This fun collectible looks like a real license plate, with machine stamped text that reads NCC-1701. Above, smaller text on the grey metal license plate reads U.S.S. Enterprise in all capital letters. This is a sturdy, all-weather aluminum plate.

Starfleet Insignia Black Aluminum License Plate

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This collectible novelty license plate is made of black aluminum. A simple white version of the Starfleet insignia is featured in the middle. This is great for fans of Trek who want a simple way to show their fandom.

Star Trek License Plate Frames

Carry your love of Star Trek with you as you drive around! These license plate frames are all designed to fit on standard U.S. plates and can protect your plates while displaying some of your own personality and preferences. License plate frames are a great way to display...