Star Trek Novelty License Plates

These fun collectible license plates are all made for Star Trek fans. The novelty plates can be used on the front of your vehicle if you live in a state that does not require official tags in the front. These can also be used as wall decor for your home or office, or used as decoration elsewhere. These plates all have pre-drilled holes that will line up with your vehicle mounting. 

1 United Federation of Planets Star Trek License Plate

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This is a black aluminum novelty license plate with a vibrant sublimated print. The design is the logo of the United Federation of Planets along with bold white text below.

2 NCC-1701 U.S.S. Enterprise Stamped Metal License Plate

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This fun collectible looks like a real license plate, with machine stamped text that reads NCC-1701. Above, smaller text on the grey metal license plate reads U.S.S. Enterprise in all capital letters. This is a sturdy, all-weather aluminum plate.

3 TOS and Strange New Worlds Style Insignia License Plate

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Command yellow is the featured color in this Starfleet insignia logo license plate. The plate includes four pre-drilled holes for easy installation on the front of your car, where that is legal, or mounting on the wall of your garage, mancave, or other Star Trek fan base.

4 Star Trek Klingon Logo Novelty License Plate

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This simple metal plate features a bold and vibrant print of the iconic Klingon logo in the center. The red logo contrasts beautifully with the black plate. The equivalent of the Dark Side in Star Trek, sporting this plate will show you to be a true fan of Star Trek!

5 Enterprise Serial Number NCC 1701 New York Novelty Plate

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This collectible novelty license plate looks like a genuine New York state plate and features the personalized letters and numbers NCC 1701. This fun novelty plate will show you as a true Trek fan -- and maybe a true New Yorker!

6 Live Long and Prosper Vulcan Star Trek License Plate

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Share the positive mantra of the Vulcans, LLAP, along with the iconic hand position with this fun novelty plate. The Star Trek fan plate features both a graphic of the hand with split fingers position and the slogan Live Long and Prosper around the graphic.

Hilarious Lower Decks "Prop" Piece Tom Paris Commemorative Plate

This is an awesome piece of "memorabilia" as seen in the second season of Lower Decks, episode 3, "We'll Always Have Tom Paris". Bradward Boimler flashes around this collectible plate from the VOY era featuring Tom Paris. The design is as it appears in the episode! This funny collectible...

Star Trek License Plate Frames

Carry your love of Star Trek with you as you drive around! These license plate frames are all designed to fit on standard U.S. plates and can protect your plates while displaying some of your own personality and preferences. License plate frames are a great way to display...