Star Trek License Plate Frames

Carry your love of Star Trek with you as you drive around! These license plate frames are all designed to fit on standard U.S. plates and can protect your plates while displaying some of your own personality and preferences. License plate frames are a great way to display fandom without adding a sticker or decal to your vehicle. 

These custom frames all include pre-drilled holes meant to line up with your car's mounting for easy installation. Be sure to check your state's laws regarding license plate frames before purchase. The frame should not cover your registration date sticker.

Starfleet Academy Black Metal License Plate Frame

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This fun license plate frame is made of black metal steel and has bold blue text. The sentiment reads ALUMNI STARFLEET ACADEMY and a pair of red Starfleet insignia flank the top of the frame. This is a fun gift idea for fans of Trek. 

Funny Star Trek Illogical Chrome Metal License Plate Frame

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This is a chrome plated steel metal frame made for fans of Star Trek and of deadpan Vulcan wisdom and humor. Black text reads I FIND YOUR DRIVING HIGHLY ILLOGICAL. Two simple Starfleet insignia images flank the bottom of the frame.

Boldly Going Star Trek Fan License Plate Frame

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This black frame is made of durable plastic. The frame includes white text that reads BOLDLY GOING WHERE NO ONE HAS GONE BEFORE. This is a fun plate frame to add to your off-road vehicle. 

Live Long and Prosper Star Trek License Plate Frame

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Place this Vulcan blessing plate frame on your car to share the logical wisdom. The white text on the black frame includes a simple image of the Starfleet insignia and a hand in the Vulcan Salute position. This is a durable all-weather rust-proof plastic frame.

Funny My Other Ride is the Enterprise License Plate Frame

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If you'd rather be in space, this funny license plate frame is for you. Bold text using capital letters reads "My Other Ride is the U.S.S. Enterprise". The white text is flanked by a pair of Starfleet insignia on the bottom of the frame. This is a black aluminum all-weather frame.

Hilarious Lower Decks "Prop" Piece Tom Paris Commemorative Plate

This is an awesome piece of "memorabilia" as seen in the second season of Lower Decks, episode 3, "We'll Always Have Tom Paris". Bradward Boimler flashes around this collectible plate from the VOY era featuring Tom Paris. The design is as it appears in the episode! This funny collectible...

Star Trek Novelty License Plates

These fun collectible license plates are all made for Star Trek fans. The novelty plates can be used on the front of your vehicle if you live in a state that does not require official tags in the front. These can also be used as wall decor for...