List: 3 Star Trek: The Original Series Style Women's Nightshirts

These officially licensed Star Trek nightgowns for women let you cosplay even when you sleep! These long sleeve, mid-length nightshirts come in three different colors so you can pick your favorite character. Each top has black sleeves and the color panel on the front side only; the back is solid black. Note that these Star Trek pajama tops use juniors' sizing; check the sizing chart in the listing to be sure you're getting the right fit.

Blue Mr. Spock TOS Long Sleeve Night Shirt

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You'll look like a Star Trek Lieutenant Commander from the original series when you wear this fun blue uniform style pajama top. The shirt has an embroidered Starfleet logo at the front left. 

Red Lieutenant Uhura Star Trek Pajama Top

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Dress like the U.S.S. Enterprise's Communications Officer and Translator Lt. Uhura with this fun red and black pajama top. The Star Trek themed nightshirt has an embroidered Starfleet insignia at the front left chest area. 

Yellow Star Trek Captain Kirk Nightshirt

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Channel the famous Starfleet Captain, James Tiberius Kirk, with this fun costume-style sleep shirt. The yellow and black top includes an embroidered Starfleet symbol at the upper left chest area, just like a real Starfleet uniform top. 

Resistance is Futile Glow in the Dark Nightshirt

This cute Star Trek fan nightshirt has an all-over print inspired by Borg technology. The connected wires pattern evokes the communal nature of the Borg and their fearsome cube-shaped ships. Text in glow-in-the-dark letters reads "Resistance is Futile" in all caps on the front. The claw-like insignia...