Keep Warm This Winter: Star Trek Beanie Hat

Star Trek Running Costume Idea: TOS Starfleet Command Officer

Sometimes runners like to dress up for races! I've been running Disney races for a while, and it's always so much fun to dress up for those events. It doesn't have to been a theme park event to dress up, though. Some races are famous for their costumed runners,...

Super Fun Interview With Subspace Rhapsody Songwriters

Earlier this month The Melodology Podcast, hosted by Arthur Breur, interviewed the songwriters behind the brilliant Strange New Worlds musical episode Subspace Rhapsody. If you enjoyed this episode as much as we did, you'll love this lively, engaging, and extremely interesting interview with Kay Hanley and Tom Polce.

Star Trek Mad Libs: Fun Group Activity

Do you know Mad Libs? Mad Libs are fill-in-the-blank stories made funny when players provide their words in different categories, like nouns, places, adverbs, exclamations, colors, first names, etc. The new words are added to the pre-written story to make a unique new tale that is usually a...

Discovery First Impressions: Season 3 Ep 4 Forget Me Not

Warning! The following post contains mild spoilers for the fourth episode of season three of Star Trek: Discovery, Forget Me Not.