Christmas Gift Idea: Star Trek Socks

Socks are a traditional Christmas gift idea, and adding a bit of novelty fandom to your gift routine this year will be a welcome change for the Trek fan on your list. Here are some fun Star Trek themed socks to add to your shopping list.

Set of Three Next Generation Character Socks

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Get this three pack to add some TNG to your wardrobe in a sly way. These crew socks feauture Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Lieutenant Commander Worf, and Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge. The officer faces are featured around the top of the sock and their uniform colors extend down the length of the foot.

Funny Mr. Spock Socks with Vulcan Ears

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These fun blue crew socks feature the face of Mr. Spock across the front. On the sides, pointy Vulcan ears protrude out of the socks. These comfortable stockings are made of polyester and spandex.

Star Trek Discovery Logo Crew Socks

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These blue socks feature the Star Trek Discovery name and logo in white on the top. The foot has text that reads "Star Trek Discovery". These officially licensed socks are made of a comfortable cotton/nylon/lycra blend.

Star Trek Pattern Knee Socks 2-Pack

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This is a set of two pairs of Star Trek fan socks. The socks each feature a repeating pattern. Black socks have colorful Star Trek insignia logos while a grey and black pair of argyle socks has Trek insignia mixed in. 

Star Trek Logo Ankle No Show Socks

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Keep your Trek fandom on the down low with these colorful ankle socks that don't reveal their awesome Star Trek logos when worn inside shoes. These are no-show style socks and you'll get a three pack in standard shirt colors: yellow; red; and blue.

Funny Captain Picard Facepalm TNG Crew Socks

These officially licensed crew socks features an iconic image of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The Starfleet Captain has his hand on his head in a classic "facepalm" pose that has become a famous meme standard. These are unisex crew socks designed to fit most. They are made of a...