Unique Upcycled Star Trek Cut-Out LP Clocks

These recycled vintage LP cut out clocks make a unique gift idea for fans of Star Trek. Each wall clock is part memorabilia, part special detailed art, and part practical timepiece. These clocks are made of vintage LP records and feature detailed silhouette cut-out images from the world of Star Trek with a battery-operated clock addition. Get up one of these awesome wall clocks for the Star Trek fan on your list!

Star Trek Starships LP Cut-Out Wall Clock

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This precision cut LP clock features starships from the world of Star Trek cut out with amazing detail, highlighted by the original Enterprise.

Star Trek Silhouette Crew Enterprise LP Clock

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The unique LP-cut-out design here features the U.S.S. Enterprise along with a silhouette of the crew on the top half of the circular shape. The bottom has the words STAR TREK with a Starfleet logo cut out.

Star Trek Vinyl LP Cut-Out Clock Wall Art

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On this clock for Star Trek fans, spaceships are cut out at the bottom while the Starfleet insignia is featured above. A precision clock is inserted in the middle.

Starfleet Insignia Cut-Out LP Wall Clock

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This Star Trek fan clock makes a bold impression with its simple shape of the Starfleet insignia. The asymmetrical triangular shape is accompanied by a thin outline. 

Subtle Star Trek Home Decor: Light Switch Covers

Add some Trek to your home decor in a subtle way with these boldly colored, functional light switch covers. Themed covers like these can add a spark of art without overpowering other decor in the room or the overall theme. These lightswitch cover plates come in three different...

Star Trek Uniform Capes for Office Chairs

Add some awesome Trek decor in your office or home with these fun Star Trek Original Series chair capes! The vibrantly colored capes hang on the back of office chairs or other kinds of chairs. They attach via an adjustable hook and loop belt and strap mechanism.

Star Trek Starship Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock

This is a super fun digital alarm clock in the shape of the U.S.S. Enterprise of the TOS era. There is a small digital clock display on the base of the ship, but the best part of this alarm clock is the projection aspect, which shows the...

Star Trek Themed Phone Bank Mobile Charger Battery

Don't worry about running out of juice for your tricorder, commBadge, cellphone, or other smart device with this handy Star Trek themed phone charger. The gold or yellow charger has a large Star Trek Starfleet logo, marking the device as belonging to the command division. It's perfect...