It's Not Too Late! Last Minute Prime Day Star Trek Deals

Prime Day is almost over, but it's not too late to find great deals for Star Trek fans. Take advantage of these limited deals while they last. 

As a reminder, Amazon Prime Day ends at 11:59PM on June 22 -- you'll have to act fast to get these great deals. Prime Day deals can end early if they sell out. That means the price could revert before Prime Day actually ends. 

1 Huge Set of 70 Star Trek Stickers

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Add some Trek to your laptop, water bottle, car bumper, helmet, warp drive, tricorder or phaser with this awesome mixed set of sticker decals. This one comes with Prime Day savings of 20% off.

2 Set of 30 Edible Star Trek TOS Cupcake Toppers

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Get ready for an upcoming Star Trek party with these edible printed cupcake toppers featuring characters and designs inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series. Save 20% off the regular price when you pick these up before Prime Day is over.

3 Starship Enterprise Wooden Puzzle Model

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This is an old-fashioned wooden model of the Enterprise as it appeared in Next Generation. The wooden model includes 50 unpainted pieces; you can put the puzzle together and paint the pieces (paint not included). This is a fun creative gift idea for Trek fans and a great deal at 20% off for Prime Day.

4 Vulcan Salute LLAP Sew or Iron On Patch

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Add the awesome Vulcan mantra Live Long and Prosper to a jacket, backpack, hat, or other suitable object with this simple hand gesture patch. The applique patch can be attached by sewing or ironing. Save 20% off the regular price with this Prime Day Star Trek purchase.

Christmas Gift Idea: Star Trek Socks

Socks are a traditional Christmas gift idea, and adding a bit of novelty fandom to your gift routine this year will be a welcome change for the Trek fan on your list. Here are some fun Star Trek themed socks to add to your shopping list.

Awesome Star Trek Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Get ready for ugly sweater season with your very own Star Trek ugly Christmas top! These funny sweaters, sweatshirts, and long sleeve tops are great for spreading geeky Star Trek fun throughout the holiday season. Find your favorite below.

Star Trek Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books children's books have been in home libraries since they were first published in the 1940s. These educational books are mostly aimed at children who are just learning to read and were first designed to be affordable and accessible. Themes range from science to nursery rhymes...

Star Trek Cross Stitch Fun Craft Book

This is a fun book for crafty Star Trek fans. The book contains original cross stitch patterns inspired by characters and themes from Star Trek.  This is a 144-page craft book featuring Star Trek cross-stitch patterns organized by level of difficulty. "Ensign" level designs are rated as 1/3...