Iconic Star Trek TOS Characters as Hot Wheels Part 1

These are fun! Hot Wheels is known for making fun toy die-cast cars and other vehicles. Sometimes they produce fun mashups that combine characters and vehicles. A bunch of officers from the U.S.S. Enterprise-1701 get the Hot Wheels treatment! The set featured here, issued in 2013, uses fun cartoon-style images of the characters on the product cards. Check them out below and come back next week to see another set of Hot Wheels Star Trek character toy vehicles.

Captain Kirk on a 1949 Ford C.O.E.

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Captain Kirk makes an appearance on the side of a blue and grey cab-over-engine (C.O.E.) commercial vehicle.

Dr. McCoy on a 1938 Dodge Airflow

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This Hot Wheels Star Trek mashup features the face of Bones on the side of a yellow 1938 Dodge Airflow.

Lieutenant Nyota Uhura on a Jeep Wagoneer

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An image of Star Trek's Lt. Uhura is featured on the side of a red 1988 Jeep Wagoneer die-cast toy.

Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu on a Red Midnight Otto

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The face of Lt. Sulu is featured on the side of this Hot Wheels custom car.

Star Trek's Scotty on a '52 Chevy Hot Wheels

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This collectible from Hot Wheels features the Enterprise's engineer Scotty on the side of a Custom '52 Chevy commercial vehicle.

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Iconic Star Trek TOS Characters as Hot Wheels Part 2

Here is some more Star Trek Hot Wheels fun, following our post from last week. Toy maker Hot Wheels is known for making fun toy die-cast cars and other vehicles. They also make fun mashups that combine iconic characters with famous vehicles. Officers from the U.S.S. Enterprise-1701...

Retro Star Trek Wooden Character Figures

These solid wood toy figures are totally old school. The simple cartoon style figures each have defining features you'd associate with the character, like Mr. Spock's straight hair and pointed ears. These cute little wooden figures are about 2" tall and can be used for play or display.